When this project was before you in March, we were concerned about the enormous amount of underground space and the massive grading it would require, the amount of impervious surface, and the light spillage from the long unbroken row of tall windows.

The current project is somewhat smaller (6,160 square feet plus 973 square feet of garage), but it’s still going to require moving 5,995 cubic yards of dirt. The floor-to-ceiling windows are a foot shorter, but the light from them isn’t going to be much less. The roof is actually 6 inches higher than the original. The impervious surface has been reduced to 41.3% from 44.8%, again not much of a difference. We think the project is still incompatible with the neighborhood and the environmental setting and hope that you’ll reject it.

Sincerely, Johanna Felder, President, Village Laguna