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City Council Meeting

  • City Council Chambers, City Hall 505 Forest Ave. Laguna Beach, CA (map)

Agenda Item 20: See excerpts from a letter by new Council Member Peter Blake asking that even current Design Review Members be subjected to the interview and selection process. There seems to be no staff input on this.

. . . .Because the City Council is scheduled to conduct interviews on February 5, 2019, for more than 20 appointments to various boards, commissions and committees, including three Design Review Board positions, we have a timely opportunity to solicit input from current and prospective Design Review Board members, and to set a new tone going forward. In order to avail ourselves of this opportunity, a decision should be made tonight to ask all current Design Review Board members to participate in the interview process to provide their thoughts on how the process can be improved and to compete for appointment or reappointment to the Design Review Board. It is important that a determination be made at this time since applications are due to the City Clerk on January 22, 2019. . . . . .

RECOMMENDATION: It is recommended by Councilmember Blake that the City Council invite all current Design Review Board members to participate in the February 5, 2019, interview process to provide input to the City Council and compete for the five positions on the Design Review Board.