Village Laguna sponsors many constructive community events and projects, some for free, some to raise money for issues, causes, and candidates.

Bonnie and Arnold Hano, Villagers of the Year in 2009

Bonnie and Arnold Hano, Villagers of the Year in 2009

Villager of the Year

Approximately every other year, since 2009, Village Laguna chooses dedicated local activists devoted to Laguna Beach causes and honors them with a dinner party. Past honorees were Bonnie and Arnold Hano in 2009, Elizabeth Brown and Carolyn Wood in 2011, and Verna Rollinger and Colin Henderson in 2013.


Every year, we hold a picnic on Aliso Creek Beach, open to anyone who wants to come. We build a fire and provide hot dogs and beverages. Participants bring potluck dishes and their own plates and utensils. A great time is had by all!

Fundraisers for City Council Election

Every other year, Laguna Beach holds City Council elections. Because of Village Laguna’s commitment to preserving and enhancing both the character and heritage of Laguna and the habitat that surrounds it, we financially support City Council candidates that most closely agree with these values.


Every year, Village Laguna awards grants to worthy organizations.

Also, every year since 1978, Village Laguna has awarded a scholarship to a LB High School graduating senior who shows leadership and involvement in activities that protect the environment and promote humanitarian goals. LBHS Seniors scholarship information can be found at or contact Lynn Gregory at

recipients of 2017 village laguna grants at 2016 holiday party

recipients of 2017 village laguna grants at 2016 holiday party

Village Laguna Judy Teverbaugh and 2017 Scholarship winner Alexandria Hinmon

Village Laguna Judy Teverbaugh and 2017 Scholarship winner Alexandria Hinmon

Grants Awarded at Village Laguna’s 2016 Holiday Party

Recipients Include (L to R):
Mike Beanan - Laguna Bluebelt and Laguna Ocean Foundation
Hallie Jones - Laguna Canyon Foundation
Kristin Points, Development Director - Friendship Shelter
Dr. Pamela Lawrence - Laguna Beach Community Clinic
Bonnie Teder and Janet Waters, Co-Directors - La Playa and The Day Workers’ Center
Back: Dr. Korey Jorgensen - Laguna Food Pantry
           Dustin Bainbridge - South Laguna Community Garden
Front: Johanna Felder, President, Village Laguna

Quote from Pamela Lawrence of the Laguna Beach Community Clinic after receiving their Dec. 2016 donation from Village Laguna:  It is truly remarkable that a fellow nonprofit marks the Holiday season by donations to other local nonprofits! . . . Village Laguna is indeed an amazing “Force” in this town. 

2017 Village Laguna Scholarship Winner: Alexandria Hinmon

Laguna Beach High School Senior Alexandria Hinmon received her 2017 Village Laguna Scholarship from Village Laguna’s Judy Teverbaugh. “My future ambition is to help develop a healthier ocean environment in Laguna Beach and all around the globe. My goal is to help shape a different future for the people by solving water pollution problems,” Alexandria wrote in her application letter. She is already well on her way to her goals by her participation in many activities including serving as a tide-pool docent and a Pacific Marine Mammal Center volunteer. She developed and promoted a household battery education and recycling program in our community, and she intends to do the same in Los Angeles as she attends UCLA.


Quotes from 2016 Scholarship Winner: Kara Dunne-Dombrink

I will never lose the respect I gained [after a backpacking trip with Nature Outdoors Leadership School, NOLS] for the environment with every cold lake we jumped into and every mountain we climbed. If every person experienced nature in such a raw, connected way, I don't see how he or she could plan to deforest or pave over the beauty. I saw that protecting the environment is something larger than protecting the benefits of humankind. We have a responsibility to the land and the creatures we share our land with—to protect it to our best ability, or in the words of NOLS, to “leave no trace.”
...I began to see where I want to take my future career—I saw that my interest in science could be intertwined with my interest in solving environmental issues.