Founded in 1971 , this non-profit mutual-benefit community organization began when concerned citizens opposed the construction of high rise buildings along the legendary Laguna Beach coastline and helped create Main Beach Park. Since then, Village Laguna's goals have expanded to encompass our mission statement to preserve, enhance, and celebrate the unique village character and cultural heritage of Laguna Beach; to foster community spirit and address social needs; and to  work toward restoring and protecting our ocean and coastal habitats. [See Legal Description]

Village Laguna hosts monthly meetings where you will find opportunities to learn and take action to preserve and enhance the village character of Laguna Beach. Visit our Calendar page for meeting dates and times.

Preserve, Enhance, Celebrate 

One of Village Laguna's primary goals is the preservation of the unique village character of Laguna Beach. This includes: 

  • Preserving historic buildings

  • Preserving Beach skyline (Height limitation)

  • Preserving significant trees

  • Recognizing and celebrating the city’s historic and cultural heritage

  • Fostering community spirit and addressing social needs (read more on our Community Support page).

  • Preserving the character of our downtown

  • Preserving our distinctive neighborhoods

Protect and Restore

Village Laguna also supports positive environmental protection and projects to enhance our community. This includes:

  • Encouraging extension of the greenbelt surrounding Laguna by acquiring and protecting open-space land

  • Restoring and protecting our ocean and coastal habitats

Foster Community Spirit

Village Laguna actively supports community programs and organizations that benefit residents and businesses. We believe in fostering community spirit and addressing social needs. Examples include:

  • Organizing the annual Charm House Tour

  • Publishing It Takes a Villager by Arnold Hano

  • Publishing a monthly newsletter

  • Cooking and serving meals at the alternative sleeping location

  • Giving scholarships to Laguna Beach High School students for contributing to environmental protection

  • Helping local disaster victims as need arises—for example, we sponsored a flood-survivors’ fundraiser after the last flood in Laguna Canyon